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Index, your inventory at your fingertips, is an initiative of professionals from the fields of inventory, post-disaster and website design.

We partnered our expertise and efforts to create an inventory system that was fast, efficient and secure.

Index addresses a critical need :
to protect you in case of disaster.

Do You Know the Value of Your Belongings ?

Too few owners and tenants have a complete and e easily accessible inventory of their belongings.

When disaster strikes, they are not prepared for it

Insurance companies require a full inventory when a claim is made (legal obligation under Article 2471 of the Civil Code). They only cover the losses identified and justified, regardless of the amount for which customers are insured.

Does Making an Inventory Seem Complicated ?

Most people don’t have an inventory of their belongings because the task requires a lot of time and organization. If it seems complicated now, imagine the how hard it could be after a disaster. Compiling a complete list of belongings that are destroyed or stolen, without forgetting anything, is virtually impossible..

Le meilleur système d'inventaire au monde !

Index is a simple and secure platform to makes your home inventory and find out it's value..

Index is a New and Completely Secure Web Platform

Index allows you to easily identify and archive all the belongings on your property or your business. By making a detailed list that includes pictures and videos, you will know the exact value of your belongings, which will make the claims process easier in the event of a disaster.

An Effective Website That Meets Your Needs

The process is very easy. First, select your housing type. Then, inventory all your belongings, room by room. For each room, a detailed inventory is already suggested. All you have to do is enter the value of each item in the appropriate section..

Le meilleur système d'inventaire au monde !

An Inventory That You Can Access on All Types of Mobile Devices

You can always add items to your inventory. From the moment you create your inventory on Index, you can access it anytime and on all types of screens (desktop computer, tablet and smartphone), with a password that only you know..

A Complete Inventory that Evaluates the Value of Your Belongings

Once you’ve completed your inventory, you can quickly generate a report showing the value of the contents of each room, and the total value of your belongings. Afterwards, just update the inventory by adding new items as you acquire them.

That’s it! A task that seemed so painstaking is done, for good. You can now be assured that your belongings will be protected. You will know their real value and are sure to be able to replace them in case of a disaster.